Tuesday, July 11, 2017

May Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

Kansas City Area Meeting

May 20, 2017

14 members present, 0 guests
Location: Karen Hansen’s home, Overland Park, KS

1.      Introductions - 2 new members; Rosemary Cromer and Rosemary Hopkins – welcome!
2.      Linda Frost gave an update on the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (KCRQF) June 15, 16, 17. SAQA will be in booth #122
a.      Contact Linda to help tend the booth – lots of times are still available.
b.      Linda will have 2 passes available to volunteers to hand off to each other.
c.       Linda collected 12 x 12 auction quilts to be hung in the booth **please remember to register your auction quilt on line by June 1st! Please contact Linda if you would still like to donate or show a 12x12 quilt in the booth.
                                                              i.      Auction quilt donors: Carmen Rinehart – Kansas Sunset, Rosemary Hopkins – Blue Hydrangea, Linda Frost – Danger Fish, James Brown – Jackson 1, Kathy Suprenant – You Are My Sunshine, Jackie Stoaks – Mini Blue, Cindy Parry – Enduring, Karen Hansen – Life Lessons, Cindy Brendzel – Fan Lights, Ruth Powers had 2, but I didn’t get the titles, and Carol Jones turned in a piece earlier. Thank you all!
d.      We will not be selling anything in the booth except for SAQA memberships, however, we will have cards with the Leedy-Voulkos exhibit info and sample books.
3.      Thanks to Cindy Parry and Cindy Brendzel for stepping up to be the next regional co-reps! They will begin their term as of August 1st.
4.      Lincoln Conference Highlights – 4 members present at the meeting were able to attend the conference; Cindy Parry, Ruth Powers, Karen Hansen and Mary Kay Fosnacht. (Cindy Brendzel also attended the conference) We shared what we personally thought were highlights:
a.      The regional reps meeting before the conference was packed full of information, there were brainstorming sessions, leadership tips and much more.
b.      The one day tour of the Quilt Study Center and Museum was excellent and there was a side trip to the university’s apparel storage where they pulled out pieces of interest and a small group session with Michael James.
c.       The “lightning talks” were fascinating. Artists present 20 slides for 20 seconds each representative of their work or studio practice. Here is a LINK to a webinar where Lightning talks were featured.
5.      Karen Hansen gave a budget update and reported on the exhibit expenses. We should have approximately $200 left in the budget when the exhibit is over. In addition, all proceeds from the exhibit catalog will be credited to our region.
6.      Exhibit marketing and advertising
a.      Approximately half of the available post cards have been distributed for various venues and guilds. If you need some, contact Karen or Mary Kay.
b.      Business size cards will be available at KCRQF to be handed out.
c.       The amazing exhibit catalog is available on Amazon. Please share the link!
d.      Cindy Brendzel has completed the bio book and it will be on display at Leedy-Voulkos during the exhibit.
e.      All artists and regional members are encouraged to share the exhibit info through their social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. (see the 8 ½ x 11 flyer below) I misspoke at the meeting when I said you could share the postcard via our Facebook page. Since we are a “Secret” group, we cannot share anything that is not “public” – for ex. Amazon links are public, so those are allowed.       So… download the flyer below and post or email or print it, OR you can download the postcard from the BLOG to share the postcard.
7.      Show and Tell – Fabulous as always!
a.      Rosemary Cromer – A World of Square Corners, Diversity is Rich and Beautiful in Our Lives, plus a 3rd quilt
b.      Ruth Powers – Layers
c.       Linda Frost – examples of dyed and painted quilts
d.      Rosemary Hopkins – Genealogy, English History
e.      James Brown – Soaring Kites using Grummon thread
f.        Cindy Parry – Identity Crisis
g.      Andrea Luliak – example of oatmeal resist, plus another quilt
8.      Quilts were also shown and turned in for the exhibit.
9.      Mary Kay Fosnacht gave a demo of Inktense pencils and blocks. If you would like the list of colors with their lightfast number, email Mary Kay.
10.  Lunch was provided by Karen and Mary Kay
11.  Thanks to Karen for hosting!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Postcard and Catalog for Our Changing Landscape

Hi All, the catalog for our upcoming regional show is now available on Amazon (link below if you want to share it with anyone else).  You can get it for $10, and proceeds go to our regional SAQA group who will be able to use the funds to help support future shows.  The postcard (front and back) for the show is shown below, feel free to download and distribute it to help drum up publicity.

Special thanks to the organizers, especially Karen Hansen and Mary Kay Fosnacht for all their hard work putting this together, and if you have a quilt in the show don't forget to send it/drop it off!

Hope to see everyone at the closing reception on July 29th.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Kansas City Area Meeting


February 18, 2017

Meeting Notes

Attending: 13 Members, no Guests

The meeting took place at the Johnson County Library - Lackman branch. The quilt art on the walls, and on display at the library, are by the Fractured Fabric Society. The landscape quilt behind Cindy Parry is by Susan Stevenson and the black and white quilts are by SAQA member Rosemary Cromer.

  1. Cindy Parry gave a presentation on her Tsunami / Japan disaster quilts. It was great to see them up close and ask questions about her techniques and hear her reasons and inspiration for each one. Thank you, Cindy!
  2. Cindy Parry shared what she learned about shipping her quilts and gave some specific tips. She noted that Bill Reker of SAQA was very helpful and gave her good advice.
  3. Show and Tell
    1. Andrea Luliak – 52 weeks of 7” square art quilts, an example of tri-axial weaving
    2. Claudia Mazur brought a piece in progress inspired by Susan B. Anthony and the right to vote.
    3. Karen Hansen – Disappearing 9 patch, Just Passin’ Through, Mixed Messages. Just Passin’ Through was accepted to the Nebraska exhibit, “Passages.” Congratulations, Karen!
    4. Cindy Parry – Illumination, Life Seasons 1,2,3,4 and 5, and examples made from a class with Susan Lenz.
    5. Linda Frost – mono print from a class taken at the Lawrence Art Center
    6. Kathy Suprenant – mono print from a class taken at the Lawrence Art Center
    7. Mary Kay Fosnacht – Female Cardinal, United We Stand, Strait of Georgia from Thetis Island which was also accepted to Nebraska’s “Passages” exhibit.
*Passages will be showing at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum from April 18th – April 30th. They are still looking for other venues.
  1. Our Changing Landscape Call for Entry
    1. You have until February 28th to enter up to 3 art quilts.
    2. You need to enter!
    3. Please don’t be intimidated by the process. Some of our (self-proclaimed) less technical members have entered successfully – You can do it!!
    4. Don’t stress about the photos. Take a picture and if it looks good to you, go with it.
    5. If you need help, contact Karen (PC) or Mary Kay (Mac).
    6. You need to enter!
* If paying online is an issue for you, we can take a check. Let Karen or Mary Kay know or you can contact Jen Solon directly at info@saqa.com.
  1. Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (KCRQF)
    1. Linda Frost will head the SAQA booth at KCRQF. She will be looking for volunteers to set up, tend the booth and take down.
    2. Linda Frost would like to decorate the booth with 12” auction quilts made by our regional members. More details to follow, but we are hoping you will all make one (Or more!) for the booth and then donate it to the SAQA benefit auction.
    3. KCRQF will be June 15, 16, and 17, 2017. Visit the website for more info about the festival: http://kcrqf.com/
    4. Entry for judged quilts at KCRQF is March 1–31st. Visit the website for rules and instructions.
  2. Lincoln Conference
    1. A few day spots remain open, contact SAQA for details
    2. Spotlight auction deadline has been extended to March 15th. They are 6” x 8” to be displayed in mats with a 4.5 x 6.5” opening. More details HERE.
  3. Around Town
    1. Common Threads: Anatomy of the Wound, Feb. 18th – March 4th at the Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ, 205 W. 65th St., KC MO 64113. Exhibition viewing: Tues / Thurs, 6-8 pm; Sat, 10-12; Sun, 12-2. Sponsored by UMKC Women’s Center.
  4. Next meeting is May 20th. Location and topic TBA.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hi all,  here is a regional map from our rep Mary Kay Fosnacht.  You can click to see it larger.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to do an online entry

Mary Kay Fosnacht, our regional SAQA representative, has put together this excellent presentation on how to do online entries.  It has a lot of great material, I encourage you to look through it! You can click through slide by slide using the arrow key at the bottom of the frame, or use the drop down arrow to the right of "slide 1" at the bottom of the frame to jump to a specific slide of interest.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Group Meeting Report

The Kansas City regional SAQA group meet on October 15th at Mary Kay Fosnacht's house.  Below is a report of their meeting.

One of the artists at show and tell (pictured) was James Brown.  He showed his WWI memorial quilt which took first place at the Twilight Quilters Guild show

15 attendees at the home of Mary Kay Fosnacht

1.      Introductions
2.      How to Submit an Online Entry – Mary Kay Fosnacht (Keynote presentation to be posted separately)
3.      Update on auction quilt exhibit
a.      Cindy Brendzel has been in contact with Lenexa City Hall and they have agreed to have the auction quilts in Feb. 2017 in conjunction with another artists’ exhibit. However, the exact location of where the quilts would be hung is undetermined. The consensus of the member’s present was that we wouldn’t want to step on another artists’ space, and due to security reasons would not want the small auction quilts to be hung in the back or a separate room. Since the location cannot be confirmed, it has been decided to hold off on exhibiting auction quilts as a region in 2017.
b.      Sue Chaffee has been in contact with the Westwood City Hall (47th and Rainbow Blvd). Sue reported that they have exhibit space available Aug, Sept, or Nov of 2017. Since the meeting, Sue has found that the Westwood City hall would welcome us to exhibit 2018 auction quilts in Feb of 2018! Perfect timing for the 2018 auction.
4.      Leedy-Voulkos Committees – (If you were not at the meeting and would like to volunteer in some capacity, let Mary Kay or Karen know.)
a.      Opening reception: Cindy Parry, Jackie Stoaks
b.      Receive Artwork: Karen Hansen and Mary Kay Fosnacht
c.       Book: Cindy Brendzel, Leslie Holmes, Marnie Clawson
d.      Advertising: Mary Kay Fosnacht, Shannon Conley
e.      Hanging: Karen and Mary Kay, Carmen Rinehart, Cindy Parry, Cathy Audley, Leslie Holmes, Claudia Mozur
5.      Meeting Dates for 2017: (watch the newsletter for confirmation of dates and times!)
a.      Quarterly
b.      Third Saturday of the month: Feb. 18th, May 20th, Aug 19th, Oct 21st 
c.       Times: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
d.      Places: TBD
6.      Show and Tell
7.      Studio Tour

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meeting Update from August 20th

The regional SAQA meeting was held August 20, 2016.  11 people were in attendance; 8 members and 3 guests.  Here is a summary of the meeting. It looks like a fun time was had by all, if you're in the area, I encourage you to attend the next meeting which will be October 15.

1.    Introductions
2.    News
a.    Mary Kay has volunteered to help SAQA with a usability study of their website. If anyone has feedback that you’d like to pass along, send it to Mary Kay.
b.      Art Quilt Retrospective: 50 Years of Innovation will chronicle the movement decade by decade, from 1960 to today! We are accepting submissions online from Aug 24 - Sept 15. More details at: http://www.saqa.com/calendar-detail.php?ID=5168. You do NOT have to be a SAQA member to participate in this exciting opportunity. 
c.       SAQA benefit auction starts on Sept.16th this year. For next year, we would like to collect the region’s auction quilts, exhibit them for a short period of time and send them in to SAQA as a group prior to April 1st.
                                                              i.      Sue Chaffee volunteered to check on a venue
                                                            ii.      Cindy Brendzel and Leslie Holmes volunteered to coordinate
d.      Regional exhibit, “Our Changing Landscape
e.       Nebraska exhibit “Passages
f.       SAQA conference will be in Lincoln, NE April 27-30, 2017 – registrations will open in late September.
g.      Other regional news:
                                                              i.      SAQA’s “Wild Fabrications” is on exhibit in Joplin, MO at the Spiva Center for the Arts until September 4, 2016
                                                            ii.      Regional member, Ada Neidenthal has work on display at the Kauffman Foundation in KC, MO
                                                          iii.      Andrea Luliak has a piece in the FAO (Fiber Artists of Oklahoma) exhibit in Oklahoma City at the IAO Gallery (Independent Artists Organization) until Sept. 3rd.
                                                          iv.      University of Nebraska in Lincoln has an exhibit titled, “Vox Stellarum” through Sept. 16th
                                                            v.      Crystal Bridges Museum is featuring a Folk Art exhibit which includes fiber art through Sept. 19th.
                                                          vi.      Greater Kansas City Quilt Guild will have a show Aug. 26th and 27th at the Abdallah Shrine Temple, 5300 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS
                                                        vii.      Karen Hansen and Mary Kay Fosnacht will present an Art Quilt Bed Turning on September 10th at 1:30 at the Overland Park Arboretum. 8909 W 179th St, OP, KS. Weather permitting.
3.      Technique discussion / demonstration
a.       Carmen Rinehart – Tsukineko inks, Pentel gel roller for fabric – available at JoAnn’s, Nancy’s Notions
b.      Karen Hansen – Louise Schmidt technique; pieced background with applique over intersections
c.       Andrea Luliak – Rust dying with grates using ½ water and  ½ vinegar solution, Ice dying, tyvek painted with Lumiere paints, red line tape – double sided, used to affix small objects to quilt
d.      Cindy Brendzel – Low water immersion dying using pfd fabric (prepared for dying), soda ash, dye
e.       Cathy Audley – dyed, inked fabric, screen printed ink on fabric using Speedball or Jaquard inks, Sun prints with Setacolor paint, gelli plates
f.       Sue Chaffee – Lyric Kinard method of screen printing, wax batik, sun printing using pebeo, Setacolor or Jaquard paints – transparent works best. Available from Dick Blick or Dharma.
g.      Jim Brown – Raw edge applique, small pieces used steam-a-seam and stabilizer – 910 pellon stabilizer works well.
h.      Mary Kay – Paper piecing curved seams with white glue

4.      Next meeting, Saturday, October 15, 2016 - Mary Kay will go over how to submit an online entry. She will also cover how to take and save a good photo in the proper size. And, of course, we’ll have show and tell. Note: meeting location may be different – watch the newsletter. We will also decide 2017 meeting dates and ask for volunteers to host / facilitate those meetings.

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